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Wonderland- England x Reader 2
"What is Wonderland ???! Why am I here???!" "Wonderland is an unsual place for a girl like you because it is of more fantay than reality but then, it IS a reality which you need a gateway to enter. You are here because you fell into one of the entrances, like me." "Wait.....  so you're saying that you came from my world and didn't come back??! Your family must be worried about you!!!" "When thy is here in Wonderland thy family does not remember you and when you found an exit, which is impossible to do, they will instantly remember you and it will seem like nothing happened at all." After the last statement, you finally arrived to your destination and to (Y/N)'s surprise, it was a castle.   The castle's tower in (Y/N)'s left had a red roof and the one on the right had a black one, the main castle's roof on the left was black while the right side was red and it was all painted black and red vertical stripes and adorned with black spades, a LOT of black spades. The gaurd led her
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Wonderland- England x Reader 1
You were just a normal girl and he was just a normal boy before you fell into that hole. This is a story about (Y/N) (L/N) and Arthur Kirkland. It goes like this:
Once upon a time in a world where everything was unsual and by unusual, I mean it was unusual for (Y/N). She was just a normal girl wandering in an unknown world alone then a man wearing red and black armor with a spade in it's center came to her and said, "Woman, you have to come with me or else thou will suffer the wrath of a neighboring kingdom of ours and experience unbearable torment." His speech shocked the girl to the bones and before she could recover from utter shock, he gently but also cautiously dragged her away, the girl rebelled, but failed and she had no choice but to follow him to wherever he was taking her. On the way, she had so many negative thoughts running through her mind and she concluded this would be a living nightmare. "Girl, I know you are terrified, but it's not what you think." his voice was thick
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Hate turned Love IV- A past unlocked
Chapter 4: An adventure, a past unlocked (Prince!England x Reader)
"An adventure? To where?" asked Arthur as he followed Alfred. "It's an adventure so we shouldn't know where to go." Alfred replied as he opened the gates. "It's your fault we'll get lost." scolded the Brit. "Don't worry! I'm a hero!" Alfred yelled, so full of pride. "Shut up." was the harsh response of Arthur. While they were arguing, you were there admiring the beauty of the world you are in. The two Princes were riding on a stallion and they offered you one, but the problem is.... YOU DON"T KNOW HOW TO RIDE A HORSE. They read your face and they sent the animal back. "Okay, lady, you should ride with me." said Alfred with so much confidence. "No, you're riding with me." interfered Arthur. Both men offered their hands to you and your choice had to be made. You were more comfortable with Arthur and you don't know why, but you chose him anyways. All three of you then went for the adventure. The horse kept on moving until
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Spain x Reader- Come Back
"Hola, I'm Antonio Fernandez Carriedo. I'm from Madrid, Spain. It's nice to see you!" was the voice of the guy who you fell in love at first sight. 'Brown hair and green eyes... Oh, enough of falling in love with fictional characters! This guy's a total hottie!' you thought when you saw Antonio. You were eating your snacks when Maria suddenly tackled you into a HUGE and tight, VERY tight hug. "You saw that guy with Arthur?! The one who has blonde hair, glasses, blue eyes and a strange hair sticking out??!" exclaimed your Filipino childhood friend, Maria. "Yeah, you mean Alfred?" you asked. "Yes! Maraming gwapong mga lalaki ngayong school year! " replied Maria. "You do know I don't speak Filipino, right?" you questioned with a hint of confuse in your voice. "Mmhm" Maria said, still smiling. "Hola chicas! I'm Antonio, what's your names?" is the sudden voice of a certain Spanish boy. You both tur
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Romano x Reader- Mr. Bad-mouthed, Ms. Good Grades
Chapter 2-Twins of different personalities
"Ahhh!!!Ludwig help me!!!!!It's stuck!!!" said an auburn haired child. "Shut up!!We don't need that bastard's help!" said the dark haired boy. "Where's the yelling from??" said a woman with brown wavy hair. "I think it's from outside....Let's check it out." said a man with violet eyes. They then went outside only to find two desperate twins, one was crying and one was trying to untangled the curls. "Now, now, you two, let me handle that." the woman said. "Okay." said the two together, after the woman untangled the curls of the boys, she said to them, "Ludwig can't help, okay. He's busy even as a child." "Now... who wants cookies??" the man asked. "I do!" the woman and the twins said together. The twins enjoyed their stay at the man's mansion, then.... one day, they had to go build their own pathways together. The older brother despite his brother's stupidity, he still loved him while the younger brother despite his brother's bad attitude, he s
:iconniihon-kun:Niihon-Kun 2 0
I never believed
That what I've achieved
Would change the world of the living
Into the world of eternal sleeping
I am the ultimate wizard
So powerful, that the sleeping people seemed like lizards
As it is written in the prophecy
A child shall be born on the land of the oriency
With just a simple wand
and a wave of the hand
everything would change
because of the child's rage
Salvation is what the people craved
That from the eternal slumber, they shall be saved
The child is the last one awake
her vengeance is what wants the people to partake
She changed reality
Into a quiet fantasy
:iconniihon-kun:Niihon-Kun 0 0
Romano x Reader- Mr. Bad-mouthed, Ms. Good Grades
Chapter 1- When I met him
(Y/N) wandered in the hallways of World Academy at 6:00 p.m. waiting for her dad to fetch her. She was wondering why her dad didn't fetch her the normal time he would fetch her. She couldn't call her mom because she was out of load. "What is dad thinking?!Leaving me at school at 6:00 p.m.?!" she said to herself. She was already creeped out now, 'No more students' she thought. "Oi, ragazza! What are you doing at school at 6:00 p.m.?" asked an unfamiliar voice. "Ahhh!Don't hurt me!" pleaded the (H/C) haired girl, completely traumatized. "Why would I hurt you?" asked the voice again. The girl searched for the source of the voice then after a while of searching she found the source. "Lovino Vargas." she said blandly. "And your (Y/N) (L/N). The school's crush. No-not that I like you or anything, I just know, so don't ask me." Lovino said in a tsundere manner. "I see you don't have someone to fetch you and so do I. Can you walk me home?" (Y/N) asked him desperate to
:iconniihon-kun:Niihon-Kun 3 0
Romano x Reader- Mr. Bad-mouthed, Ms. Good Grades
(Y/N) walked down the hallways of World Academy, all eyes on her. She wasn't creeped out because she was used to it. Everyone had always wanted to be her because she had everything: fame,beauty,intellect,attitude and friends, but what they do not know is that she was still single, many men asked her, but she denied, but that's HER side of the story, let's proceed to HIS side. Lovino walked down the hallways of World Academy, all eyes were on him. Everytime he goes to school it was always like this. It was like that because he had the perfect looks and sadly, he wasn't cherished for his attitude, but his brother was. He was always towering over Lovino, but Lovino had the better looks. Both of you forgot everything in the moment your eyes met, despite of what happened you still continued to walk. Lovino entered his classroom and he was instantly greeted by the sentences, "Lovino the bad-tempered is here.""Lovino the bad-mouthed is here.""Lovino the jerk is here." but he ignored
:iconniihon-kun:Niihon-Kun 2 0
Hate turned Love III- Meeting the Princes
Chapter 3: Meeting the Princes (Prince!England x Reader)
"Is she awake?" said a smoothly pronounced british voice. "I don't know." said an hyperactive voice. (Y/N) fluttered her eyes open. Then she saw two blonde men, one had Emerald green eyes, Bushy eyebrows, a paler shade of blonde while the other one had Crystal blue eyes, a cowlick and a pair of glasses. (Y/N) looked at them, eyes full of astonishment because they both were wearing gold crowns, which she knew as crowns of Royalty or more specifically crowns of Princes. "Oh! You're awake!" said the man with blue eyes. "I'm Arthur Kirkland and this man is my half-brother, Alfred-" the green-eyed man didn't get to finish his sentence when the other shouted hyperactively, "F. Jones!!!!" "Y-you g-guys a-are P-p-p-p-princes." (Y/N) said nervously. "Of Camelot." both of them said. "I believe you grew up in another world." the brit said to the girl. "Ye-es I was born in another world and I grew up in another world." she replied. "Well, I
:iconniihon-kun:Niihon-Kun 1 0
Hate turned Love II- Portal to Reality
Chapter 2: Portal to Reality (Prince!England x Reader)
(Y/N) opened her eyes and she realized she was in another world. A world so different from hers, a world of her dreams, a world full of life, a world called reality or "Has to be retained Paradise" for it is a dream to all the other worlds. She wandered around and found everything in there interesting. She really wanted to stay there forever. While she was admiring the beauty of the place, she fainted again because it was too good to be true.
:iconniihon-kun:Niihon-Kun 0 0
Hate turned Love I - Separation and Despression
Chapter 1: Separation and Depression (Prince!England x Reader)
(Y/N) is living in another world, a world with no love, no color and no life or so we call the "Has to be removed Fantasy" because it is actually a world which is not reality or the original one."Mom, Dad, I'm home." (Y/N) said while opening the door. No one answered her. She called again, now in a worried tone, "Mom, Dad, I'm home". Still, no answer. She wandered around the house and found out her parents wasn't there and she found a note:
Dear (Y/N),
We you're worried about us not being there, but we had to move on. This is a world with a lot of things to get tired of.... encluding love. We never loved you. We never cared for you. You are just someone from another world kidnapped by the queen and brought to us. The queen died, don't worry so go build your own path, you brat. Go away from our lives and don't search for us. :P
     ~Harley and Genna
(Y/N) cried, knowing that the life she lived was a lie. "So
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Nyo!England x Male!Reader:Picnic (Part 1)
"*sighs* Amelia, when do you even stop being so childish..", said the British lady as she watches her friend eating burgers like a hungry pig."Oh, come on!You have to be childish sometimes!" says Amelia as she munches on the burgers."Well, you don't do it sometimes, you do it EVERYTIME", replied Alice irritatedly then her phone rings.(Y/N) texted her:"Hey, Alice.The picnic meeting spot?" she replied "At the park". Little did she know that Amelia is reading it."Whoah, dudette! You have a boyfriend! You never told me!" Amelia said."He's not my boyfriend!And besides it's just a picnic." replied Alice.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time skip brought to you by flying mint bunny~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"So... how is it with your life?" Alice asked."Still having a fabulous one." (Y/N) said.
(OK So guys I'm making a part 2 and can you give me some ideas and I'm going to credit you. Thank you in advance)
:iconniihon-kun:Niihon-Kun 3 1
Locket (Iceland x Reader)
(Y/N) and Emil sat by the park benches during spring.(Y/N) doesn't like being quiet so she spoke, "Emil, is Lukas still bothering you?" then Emil replied "Sometimes.""So you finally called him 'big brother'" teased the (H/C) haired girl."Are you kidding!? I would never call that guy 'big brother'! Never!" Speaking of the devil both of them saw Lukas coming, when Lukas was already in front of the two he said, "Emil, it's time we leave (C/N) and go back to Norway." Emil was shocked by that. "No! I wouldn't le--", he was cut of by Lukas clamping his mouth and carrying him away which left a confused (Y/N) sitting alone and staring straight like crazy.When she looked at where Emil was sitting earlier she found that he left something, a golden heart locket which made her curious as to what is inside but she knew better than to invade his privacy.
(Y/N) woke up with a star
:iconniihon-kun:Niihon-Kun 3 2


Levi Rivaille (Talks) [V2] :iconjerikuto:Jerikuto 141 4 England (Happy) [V5] :iconjerikuto:Jerikuto 91 2
Tempt the Vampire - Vampire!Romania x Reader
Without a moment to spare, you didn't waste any time as you pushed the door open confidently. You had a plan today and everything was going to go according to it. You followed the dimly lit stairs that lead you into a wide room. You flicked the light switch on, not even bothering looking back. Placing your lantern onto a nearby shelf, you made haste to get ready. You pulled open multiple drawers, tossing the items into your satchel hurriedly: A wooden stake, crosses, holy water, bullets, knives, and a lighter.
Were you expecting something else? Why, this isn't anything out of the ordinary because you've been shoving these things into your bag instead of makeup and other useless girly items in it for years. And in case you haven't figured it out by now…

You're a vampire hunter.

In fact, your entire family were vampire hunters. For centuries, your family has been passing down the art of killing vampires for the sake of mankind. They were well regarded and respected back whe
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 295 104
Percy Jackson x reader. Ch.1
---You--- (outfit: .)
"I'm going out". I yell to my mom and dad before running out the door, I run to the beach. 'ah I'm here ... Good no one else is here'. I smile and look around again, then run onto the water .... Yes I can walk on water, I run until I'm far out in the ocean. My smile widens when I see there are no boats around, I sit down my backpack and take out my mp3 and start playing some of my music.
---Your older sister--- (name her what you like I'll put [s/n] for her ok)
"[s/n] come here". I hear mom call from downstairs. I walk down and see two boys and a girl talking with my mom. "what?". I ask. "wheres your sister?". Mom asks. "she went to the beach ... If you listen to her you'd know that". I say with a smirk. "call her". Mom says with a sigh. I grab my phone and put in [y/n]'s number and click call, I leave it so everybody can hear. It rings for a bit. "Ahhh ... Oops .... Hello". I hear [y/n]'
:iconxreader2001:xreader2001 141 38
PirateEnglandXReader-Captain Arthur Kirkland- 4
"That is quite enough now" he hissed taking out an injector. (Name) tried to wrench herself away but failed and seconds later she felt something squeeze into her arm. The world around her went blurry, she let out a small groan and felt herself get heaved onto somebody's shoulder.

"We'll be travelling like this now" Arthur said wiping the blood off his face with her scarf. He glanced at her "Please don't do this again love" he said 

Then there was blackness. 
(Name) groaned, opening her eyes slowly. She could hardly make out anything around her and her groan was muffled, that's when she realized there was a cloth tied around her eyes and she was gagged. Her hands were tied together, as were her feet and whatever she was on was moving... (Name) started struggling, in desperate hope that somehow the ropes would just fall off.
"Oh your awake..." (Name) blinked, trying to make out whe
:iconxmajutsu-shix:XMajutsu-shiX 169 51
Pirate!EnglandXMermaid!Reader Sea Maiden P.2
You slowly opened your eyes, just to meet unfamiliar ceiling. You turned your head slowly to look around. It was a room and there was sunlight coming from a small window up there. You realized that you were lying on something, but it was not a bed even though it was covered with fabric. It was hard. You thought that it was made of woods. From what you saw now, there was nothing in the room. Just the thing you lied down on and a small wooden table and a door. That’s all.
Then suddenly you felt like the room was shaking a bit. ‘What?’  you wondered. You got up slowly and got a pain on your right shoulder. You looked at it and found that it was bandaged. Ignoring the thought of who did that, you got off from the spot and stood on your toes to see what was outside the window. Unexpected for you, what you saw was the ocean.
You gasped and now you knew you were on board a ship. Was it that pirate ship?
Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door. You
:iconcaerilorem:CaeriLorem 105 38
Chiyo Crying Icon :iconmagical-icon:Magical-Icon 99 4 hug :iconaddmedia:AddMedia 1,990 325
Exchange Experience ~Romano x Reader~

“Anger is a symptom, a way of cloaking and expressing feelings too awful to experience directly
– hurt, bitterness, grief and, most of all, fear. ”
― Joan Rivers
A/N: This contains some swearing, because Romano. That was all. Enjoy! <3
         “Hello, I believe you must be [Y/n] from the exchange program. I am Lovino Vargas.” The charming guy in front of you winked at you and flashed a flirty smile. You felt your cheeks starting to burn little by little. He was really attractive, his skin slightly tanned, but uniformly. An odd curl was sticking out of his hair, proudly defying the gravity. His eyes had a lovely light hazel color, with green shades. His whole being had something mesmerizing to it. His looks resembled a true gentleman.
         Before you could reply, someone accidentally pushed him out of the way with their stroller, making him los
:iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 266 93
Italy Chibi (Hungary Outfit Dance) [V6] :iconjerikuto:Jerikuto 32 1 Onionhead Nosebleed - Onion head :iconpineapple-soup:pineapple-soup 28 3 Newt Icon :iconalinav26:AlinaV26 28 14 Yamato Clapping Hands Icon :iconmagical-icon:Magical-Icon 63 3 Pikachu-lol :iconroxaspikachu:RoxasPikachu 908 422
Japan x Reader: Barrier
Title: Japan x Reader: Barrier
Author: threepinkdoors
I warn you now that the Japanese was taken from Google Translate, so don't think it's accurate.
"Good morning, counselors!" you cried cheerfully, carrying in trays of coffee cups. The counselors bid you a good morning as you handed them their coffees and rushed to sit down in your little mini office. You were pretty much the donut boy of the main office of your school. Whatever the administration wanted, you got it for them. You didn't mind; it kept you away from your (least favorite elective) class. Also, it was the first class of the day, so there wasn't much going around, except the coffee delivery.
"Ah, sumimasen," you managed to hear from the front desk. "Watashi wa Honda Kiku desu. Watashi wa koko ni atarashi gakusei desu. Watashi wa kurasu no sukejuru o sansho shite suru koto o yokyu kudasai." Chinese? No, Japanese, you decided. Ah, so it
:iconthreepinkdoors:threepinkdoors 585 438


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My ambition is to become a doctor with no boundaries.


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